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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do they cost?

Black and White 8x10's:

100 for $141.50

200 for $159.50

300 for $171.50

400 for $191.50

500 for $209.50

1000 for $292.50

2000 for $459.50

3000 for $623.50

4000 for $797.50

Color 8x10's:

100 for $171.50

200 for $209.50

300 for $309.50

400 for $359.50

500 for $397.50

1000 for $585.50

2000 for $889.50

3000 for $1053.50

4000 for $1241.50

Shipping and typesetting are FREE on all orders!

Can I get a quantity less than 100?

What is your turn around time?
Once we receive your final approval, your order will process and ship within 72 hours. Note that we are closed on Saturday and Sunday and these days are not counted as processing days. Ship times vary depending upon zip code and method of shipping. Ground service takes 2-4 business days for most locations in the continental US. We do not guarantee ship times but we take all precautions necessary to hold to our published turn around times.

Although not usual, it is possible that an order might not pass our inspection at the time of shipping which could cause a delay. We are rather picky about quality which most of our customers appreciate. Even though we have many safeguards to prevent delays we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

Will I see a proof of my order before it prints?
If you submit an order that requires free typesetting, we will email you a proof for you to approve before it goes to print. You will be free to make as many changes as you like, since we want your photos to be perfect for you. Our web site does not allow you to view the final layout during the checkout, but you will receive your emailed proof within 24 hours.

How do I know if my digital file meets the resolution requirements?
We require images that are at least 300 dots-per-inch (DPI) at full size in order to create the best possible print for you. As a guide, most high resolution files will be in Megabytes (MB), not Kilobytes (KB) and pixels will be at least 2400x3000 for an 8x10 image. If the image is not a high resolution image we will not process the order or payment. We will contact you and hold the order until you decide how you want us to proceed.

Can I split a run of 100 into 50 of two different layouts?
We cannot split orders. 100 is the minimum run of any one layout.

Can you change my color photo to black & white?
Yes, at no extra charge.

What font styles do you have to choose from?
You can view our selection of font and typestyles by clicking here.

How much typesetting will you allow on my prints?
We do not set a specific limit and we are very liberal. Normally the space available for type will naturally set the limit.

If I mail my original photo, will I get it back?
Yes, we will normally send it back with your prints if it will fit in the box. If it does not fit, we will normally send it back by First Class U.S. mail. We do not insure your original or assume responsibility for loss or damage to your original while in transit.

What is the smallest photo I can send?
Snapshot size, 3"x5". However, for best results, submit an 8x10.

I don’t know whether to choose a glossy or matte finish. Can you explain the difference?
A glossy UV Coating is a liquid plastic and helps to protect your prints and adds a super shine. It can however, make it difficult to write on with some pens and markers. Choose matte if you prefer more of a non-glossy finish or prefer to be able to use any type of pen on your prints.

Can I pay for a rush service?
We cannot rush the process in plant, however, we can arrange special shipping for all or part of your order. The cost is determined by the speed needed and the weight of the product being shipped.

Will you ship to another country?
We ship only to addresses in the United States, Canada, and U.S. Territories.

Can you use negatives or slides?

What type of paper is used?
The paper we use for the 8x10s is a 10 point cover stock, which is about the equivalent of a 100 lb. paper stock.

Will litho prints work for reprint in publications?
Since litho prints are printed and are comprised of microscopic dots, the process of reproducing the picture for a publication will require some minimal extra handling by the publication. This is necessary to avoid a checkered look called a "moire pattern". Virtually all publications now have the ability to "de-screen" a litho picture for good reproduction. Although we cannot vouch for the ability of every publication to do this, it should be no problem.

Can you accept digital files?
Yes, we do accept compatible digital files. It is advisable to avoid doing the scanning yourself unless you are trained in computer graphic art. Our scanners are the top of the line and our expertise is extensive. If you had your photos taken digitally, we can work from a digital file with a laser or ink jet copy enclosed for layout reference.

The images should be a minimum of 300 DPI at final size (100%) for the best reproduction. We accept JPEG, Tiff, EPS, PDF, Quark (6.5 or below), Photoshop (CS2 or below), Illustrator (CS2 or below), and Corel Draw (10 or below).

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