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What to Include in a Press Kit for Bands, Singers, and Musicians

Ninety percent of band press kits and promo kits end up in the trash can instead of in the hands of music industry executives. This is because most press kits lack the key ingredients that every musician's press kit should include.

Below are some tips to help make sure your publicity materials are actually read and heard by record labels, A&R scouts, newspaper editors, writers, booking agents, program directors and other important music industry professionals that will advance your music career.

Create a Cover Page
The cover page should be a letter addressed to the person you are giving the press kit to. This should have your contact information, website, and basic details about your music and band. Put your contact information on every page of the kit. This page should be eye-catching and visually appealing since it is the first thing that will be seen.

Include Your Band Bio
A bio is a one-page sheet about the band. This should be story-based, easy to read, and interesting.

Include Your Demo CD
Make sure all of your contact information is on the CD itself, in case it gets separated from the rest of your kit and the case.

Include a Fact Sheet About Your Band
A fact sheet is a one-page reference sheet with basic facts about your band. This includes:

  • Band name
  • Tagline or slogan
  • Style and genre of music
  • A list of established bands you sound like
  • Hometown
  • When you were formed
  • Discography
  • Band member names
  • Instrumentation
  • Notable coverage or facts about your band

Include Press Clippings, Reviews, or Positive Mentions
If you have press coverage, include a page of quotes and reviews of your band, live show, or albums.

Include a List of Where Your Music Has Been Played
Include notable radio, television, and media play of your music. If you've licensed your songs in films or other notable ways, let them know about that too.

Include an 8x10 Promo Photo
Make it easy on everyone by having both in a hard copy, as well as a digital copy of your 8x10 promo photo. Record labels, A&R scouts, booking agents, program directors, and other important music industry professionals will need to quickly see the image you portray while reviewing your demo. At the same time, newspaper editors and writers want the convenience of being able to download a photo-ready image from your website.

Make Sure All This Information is on Your Website
You should have a section on your website that includes all the above information so that everyone can view or download the information at their convenience. If you do not have your own web site, services such as SonicBids and ReverbNation provide online press kits that can house this information for a fee.


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